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We work as a team with your engineering and quality assurance departments to ensure the reliability and adaptation of translations according to the culture and jargon of your business and processes. We comply with strict confidentiality standards and codes of ethics for the translation service. Certified translators Double validation Traceability Reliability Get in touch:www.lingocall.cominfo@lingocall.comWhatsApp +506-8398-5032
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Consumers now prefer to consume content whenever they want, from wherever they want, in their language, immediately and through platforms that allow them interact to get additional information, buy or comment. For example, a video with Closed Caption in several languages ​​remains on the network forever, subtitling content is indexed by internet search engines (e.g....
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Translation and localization services. Documents and digital platforms. 10 + languages. WhatsApp +506-8398-5032
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