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Buyers Trade Mission 2021 – Virtual Trade Fair
11 June 2021 - 20:02, by , in International Business, Comments off

Limitations in the expansion of markets and audiences, caused by cultural and language barriers in business, is something that companies want to avoid. Through technology the barriers of distance and time were broken down. However, what is the use of available connectivity, if in certain cases, we cannot communicate empathically and assertively with our counterparts, when encountering emerging economies and companies that offer very lucrative business opportunities on a daily basis, but being located in countries where communication is carried out in a language other than Spanish or English. We cannot run the risk of being left out of those markets.Welcome to our Business Matching Platform.

We provide a Permanent Business Trade Missions Platform Service – where you can get international partners (Clients, Providers or Consultants), based on our robust business matching and enriched data functionality.

You do not have to search for partners, our system gets your matches for you.

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