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We offer professional linguistic services in more than 20 languages:

Translation of content and digital platforms: Translation of documents, websites, mobile applications. It includes official and unofficial translation, always depending on the combination of languages ​​and the availability of official translators in each country.

Interpretation (verbal translation): Simultaneous with equipment and booths, consecutive, whispering and video remote interpretation (Through our own multi-platform,, see below **). We have our own simultaneous interpretation equipment / devices. (Transmitters, receivers, booths, sound  system- microphones, speakers and mixers).

Simultaneous interpretation services in mobility: Whether for guided tours with interpretation or audio aids for field work, to facilitate fluid communication on the routes.

Video Streaming, audio streaming: Conference audio recording, streaming.

Localization: Adaptation of translated contents to the cultural, social and idiomatic turns of specific regions at a global level, to ensure an assertive and respectful message of the local culture.

Transcription: Audio texts or video voices.

Subtitling: We generate and integrate / synchronize subtitle files in the same language as the audio of the video or movie, or translated into the required target language. We deliver the subtitle files in different formats or standards (SRT, VTT, etc.), or the videos with the subtitles already embedded in them.

Costa Rican Sign Language Interpretation (LESCO): We work with native and professional LESCO interpreters.

** About our remote linguistic interpretation service on videoconferencing: –

We offer services in more than 20 languages. Basically, LingoCall is a multiplatform that allows the user to access the remote services of professional interpreters through the scheduled programming of a videoconference where it connects with a professional interpreter and a third party, who can be located anywhere in the world. The greatest added value is the facilitation of disruptive savings of money and time by not having to bring the parties together in one place and ensuring assertive, accurate, timely communication that reduces the risks of miscommunication or misinterpretation. It is very effective in multicultural – multilingual events where the speaker may not require traveling to the event site, and the audience can listen to the conference in their language, without the need to rent simultaneous interpretation equipment.


Arabic – Armenian – Bosnian – Burmese – Chinese – Croatian – French – Dutch – German – Hindi – Hungarian – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Malay – Persian – Polish – Portuguese – Punjabi – Romanian – Russian – Swahili – Thai – Turkish – Ukrainian – Vietnamese – Pairing with English and some with Spanish, plus some combinations between them.

 We have more than 12 years of experience in the national, regional and international market. Serving multinationals, global Non-Governmental Organizations, governments, etc.

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