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Multi-language Communication Facilitator
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Whether you are trying to expand your brand’s market on a global level or simply need to communicate with people who do not speak your language, you must find a way to achieve the required human resources, such as professional translators and interpreters, specialized in the subject or area to be treated, according to each case. This can increase your operating or payroll costs, apart from the difficulty in finding the right person, and the time you can lose in the search.

LingoCall can be your solution.


LingoCall is a remote global platform of live linguistic interpretation services at your fingertips. Basically, easy and fast access to a professional human interpreter online, from anywhere in the world.

LingoCall is available to help anyone who has difficulties with language barriers and has the need to communicate with people who do not speak their language.

LingoCall can help you reach your global goal without having to spend a lot of money to obtain multilingual professional staff.

We offer online language solutions by placing hundreds of professional translators and interpreters online, quickly, safely and at a reasonable price.

Without contracts, without monthly payments, you only request the service and pay only for the consumption of minutes.




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