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Video Remote Interpretation Services

We offer human powered remote linguistic interpretation services (verbal translation) over video conference through one of our subsidiaries – -, in more than 25 languages.

In case of massive long-range events, such as webinars, we also offer to connect the video conference meeting with live streaming systems through social networks to expand the reach globally.

The following video explains in a simple way what LingoCall does and how it can add value to the user.

This service is very appropriate when you urgently need the professional services of an interpreter and do not have one for the language pair you require, and the service must be programmed in a way that avoids gathering the parties involved and the interpreter in the same room. The savings can be substantial since the logistical costs associated with a face-to-face meeting are avoided.

We provide the service throughout the regional territory and at a global level.

The impact of potential savings is disruptive and we recommend the use of our platform. As an example, from a real case, we invite you to learn about how our video remote interpretation allowed a recognized university in the south west of Colombia (ICESI) to dramatically reduce costs of the participation of a foreign speaker located in the United Kingdom, in such a way that it was not necessary to incur travel and accommodation costs for the speaker nor for the interpreter (English-Spanish-English) in addition to the agility and simplicity with which the participation of the International speaker was coordinated.

LingoCall – Video Remote Interpretation Service provided by professional human interpreters in more than 25 languages.

Think out of the box. We can help you to save thousands!

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